Temperature is on fire these days and it is scary to even step out of the house. Hope you guys will keep yourselves hydrated and not expose yourselves much to direct sunlight even if you do apply a proper sunscreen.

During winters it is not sunny but we cant expose ourselves ‘cause its too cold and we can’t help it but wear short clothes and die not to get tanned in summer because if not we’ll die with suffocation in sweaters or sweatshirts. Things work very strangely, don’t they?

Okay, for today’s topic I chose Spring. I know that in India there is no such thing called as “Spring” literally, but I wanted to show you the collection of clothes for the season because they are just really beautiful. We all have that little excitement when winter gets over as you can start wearing all your adorable dresses, shorts, playsuits etc again.

I am more of a online shopper so I bought a bunch of clothes online this season and these are my favourites. ( more than half my closet is online shopped.)

1 ) Ruffle Co-ords:

Co-ords are really adorable and elegant.They have been in trend for a while now so I thought Ill show you how to flaunt with them in this spring.531B7092

What if your co-ords have a ruffle touch to it? How cute will they look?


So thats why I picked this culottes from StalkBuyLove  and paired it with a cold shoulder ruffle rose pink top from SBL as well. These three are very trending these days – ruffles, co-ords and culottes.

Not only that but the best part is these are not actually available as co-ords. I bought them randomly and paired them together. So just grab some similar coloured tops and bottoms you have and get started.


531B7116  531B7066

2) Floral Jumpsuit.

Spring is all about floral designs and prints.

utfit : Stalkbuylove


So what better than this cute little playsuit for this spring? Its super comfortable and soooo suitable for the weather and you can never look out of style with it. Not only is this a day out kinda dress but you can also hit the beach in this little cute playsuit with a hat on.


3) Maxi dress.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this dress so I bought it. As I already said spring is all about flora so yeah one more 531B6928outfit with it and not to forget corset style is back. Its actually a dark navy blue shade maxi but it looks black in the pictures.




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