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Valentine’s day is on the verge so I am up with something related to your partner. (We all love stealing his clothes, don’t we?)

The day you really don’t feel like dressing up or the on the day you are at your boyfriend’s and you are running late but want to look presentable; these are a few styles you can try by raiding HIS closet.

1. T-shirt :

If you are that tiny little girl with a tall boyfriend then you wouldn’t have any problem in grabbing his t-shirt and making it a dress with some sneakers on. Or if the t-shirt is little too small in length then you can pair it up with stockings or tights. (if it is oversized then more better). Yes, you can even wear tights even if the dress is long enough (its your choice.) 

2. Sweater/hoodie : 

You can use a sweater as a dress too; yes again, according to the length. But there a few other ways to wear it too.

If it is cold outside and all you got is his sweater or hood then wear it with a pair of shorts or jeans and long boots ‘cause there is nothing better than that combo. (I paired them up with sneakers ‘cause not so cold out here.) If you have a sweater with a round or v neck then you could just make it slip off on one shoulder giving it a chic look.

3. Shirt:

There are THREE ways to style his shirt 😀

Firstly,  As I told you in the previous blog about how trending shirt dresses are here is the chance you can really wear one without having to buy one 😉

Grab one of his shirt and wear it like a dress. Its the most comfortable and the best look you can ever get. You can add a belt at the waist or add some accessories etc.

Second style would be a basic one. Wear his shirt and tie a knot with the edges of the shirt near your waist and pair it with high waist jeans.

Third comes my favourite one, a t-shirt and a shirt combination. If you have any old boring t-shirt which you don’t like wearing without any jacket or so then pick a shirt of his which goes with the colour combination of your t-shirt and wear it on top of your t-shirt. OR you could tie the shirt on your waist to give the tom boy look.

PS :  Stealing of these clothes has been done from my boy Aleena’s closet. :p

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