A jellyfish stung me on the last day, maybe cause Goa wasn’t really keen on me leaving so soon.

So this time I was tripping around Goa, which was pretty cool; three reasons mainly,   1) Demonetisation, and we wanted to vacay. 2) It was with some of the most awesome people. 3) ‘Cause DECEMBER.

Okay so Akanksha and I were super pumped, putting in a little perspective, we were so excited that we decided to leave right after our last exam. Of course cause why wait? Not taking time for granted, cause December is the most happening time in Goa. So the journey, it was more or less an eight hour drive from Pune, via bus (not so comfortable). To cut down the distance, generally the highway route isn’t taken but there is this another route; the roads here have sharp turns (hairpin turns), side note it gets you super nauseated.

We reached around 5:50 in the morning, sky was some weird shade of purple, I have never really seen this part of the day so it was something new, and I was kinda scared because it’s a new place and it was super early in the morning for me to function suitably.

Okay so keeping in mind how excited we were, our plan before starting to Goa was to get off the bus and search for a beach close by and chill there for a while until our friends joined us, cause we didn’t want miss out even a bit. Sadly enough when  we finally reached we were dead tired to do anything so we zomato-ed the closest café, thought Aunty Maria’s was pretty authentic and also it was the only open and appealing café at that hour,. The freshly baked apple pie was neat, so was the tag-along pizza (never too early for a pizza).

Also Goa during December is a little expensive as opposed to the off-season rates, cause when the cab-guy told us the rates we thought they were rip-off , but after running behind 4-5 taxis, turns out that’s how they roll during this season.

Okay, so we stayed in service apartments cause downsizing, we wanted to invest more on seafood and other edible related items (if you know what I mean). img_3077But lucky us, our friend hooked us up with this really cool villa under a great deal. The villa had Portuguese interiors and a pool exclusively for the villa, also all utilities included.

The stay was incredible; honestly all I wanted to do once I saw this place was to never leave it what so ever.


So yeah our first half of the day was pretty much getting mad at taxi drivers (so rented a car later) and figuring out how exactly we can attempt to live off 100’s and 50’s.

Few of our friends came down by noon, so they were sort of tired to do anything major on the second not that we did something really rad later, but you know what I mean. It was lowkey first day; we went to the famous Bom Jesus Basilica which hosts the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. I didn’t know, but this church has been recognised as a heritage site by UNESCO, which is pretty amazing. The church is really pretty from the inside, all of its intricate architecture was incredible, the amount of work put into the detailing is really admirable. They say the best time to visit the church is on a Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30pm; don’t really know why. There isn’t much to do in old Goa where the church is located, but there was a fest going on during that time (02/12/16) but we didn’t stay for it, was basically a church fare.


Later in the evening we went beach-crawling (if that makes any sense) it was, Calangute, Baga and Candolim. All the beaches were well prioritised, at Baga we had some munchies cause there is this amazing restaurant called Brittos, its a shack but also has great indoor seating, their ambience is killer. I personally feel it has the best seafood; I loved their Prawns sizzler. img_5857Next for sunset view we went to Candolim, all of these beaches are really close to each other, and they have a line-up of small vendors selling really cute stuff, if you have the time then do check them out. Oh and at Candolim beach there are a lot people who have the water sports thing going on like the banana ride, jet skiing, paragliding, scuba diving etc. I have also heard Candolim is one of the best beaches to go for scuba diving. I didn’t try it cause I am not that fond of creating the slightest possibility of gagging underwater, yes I am paranoid about few things.

I also got temporary inked at Candolim by one of the random guys that come up to you and annoy the bejesus out of you until you get them to ink you, I got Chinese alphabets on the back of my neck, and I had an allergic reaction to it, it wasn’t as great as expected, didn’t happen to my friend but I was a sad victim.

After all of this, we barely could make it to Calangute, just so that we could cover as much as we can in these three days. We had a very fancy, candle lit dinner at one of the shacks at Calangute. Had an exquisite lobster dish with a great mock tail. The day ended pretty well, and all we were looking forward to was crashing to bed.

Second day was super hectic cause of all the major trekking we had to do, but I swear it was worth it. So there is this Butterfly beach not well known but its located on the butterfly island just north to Palolem beach. Its usually known for its beautiful sunset and dolphins play. Not the worst part, it was kind of fun trekking our way through the forest for around two hours to reach the most beautiful spot ever (not even exaggerating a bit).unnamed

So, yeah the beach for the reason above, isn’t all that crowded so you can have a really nice excluded-from-the-crazy-beaches kind of time with family or friends. The sand is the perfect white colour that you’d want and the water is as good as clear but it’s not clear-clear, cause you know, sea. I had a great time, but only the thought of trekking back was sort of a killjoy. And sadly couldn’t capture the best views cause we had to dump all our luggage in the car and we forgot our camera in one of the bags.

Trekking had pretty much drained us all out, so we were not up for doing anything later that day (there was barely any day left) so we just had KFC cause we were craving for our good old junkies. Then we went back to the villa and jumped into the pool, that was like a great relaxation after the tiring day.

 On the third day we did beaches again, we still had to unveil Anjuna and Vagator (the last two beaches left in our list). Anjuna is more like a commercial beach, it’s crowded almost at all times. Also its best to visit Anjuna at night, great night life. It’s were one of Goa’s most popular nightclub is located, Paradiso.

Curlies is another club but kind of off beat, it’s more of psy trance music, great if you are into psychedelic beats. Later that day we also checked out Vagator, we hung out by the “kind of huge” rocks and picnicked by the beach. While walking back from the beach, I was casually strolling by the shore, and the worst thing happens, around 23 jelly fishes (was just one, but you get my point) stung me all at once cause that’s how excruciating the pain was, it wasn’t even pain it was something beyond all of that. So yeah look out for jelly fishes or rather just avoid the whole walking through the shore is my suggestion.

After all the shenanigans, we still had some time left(surprisingly) so we wanted to check out  Arpora beach for a while. (Well Goa is all about beaches anyway)

This was pretty much the end of our last day.

This was basically a trip to ease off after a super crazy semester, so we didn’t really do much but it was an amazing trip with many memories.

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