Hey guys, hope you are doing well. So we are back with a winter post for you’ll ’cause we know its always a question about how to stay warm but look good as well.

Before starting of with the outfits I want to give you guys some suggestions about winter maintenance ‘cause a lot of girls get excessively dry and pale during this time of the year so I hope this might help you’ll a bit.

Things to do :

1) Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. I know we don’t feel all that thirsty in this chill weather and we don’t feel like drinking water much, buttt if you want a better skin then you gotta do it.

2) Moisturising : Even though many people apply moisturiser they often complain that their skin still gets very dry. But try applying the moisturiser immediately after you wash your face or bath or so; then it stays long and moisturises well ( try it if you dint). Don’t delay ‘cause after 10min when the body is total dry already it does not get moisturised so well. Olive oil works as a best moisturising agent as well. If you have used a 100 different creams but still got little disappointed with the results then use olive oil and you will never be disappointed.

3) Eat healthy: Have juices, fruits etc.

4) Wear warm clothes.

Things to not do :

1) Expose yourself to the cold weather a lot. This just gets your skin very dry.

2) Trying out a new cream or shampoo because if it doesn’t suit you they you’ll have enough trouble with all the hair fall and the dry patches.

Okay, so here are the 7 essentials.

1). Sweatshirt : 

If you’ll have read my previous blog you might have understood my unending obsession for over sized clothes.  WINTER IS HERE (Haha) and what is a more essential outfit than having a cool sweatshirt in our winter wardrobe? Sweatshirts are like the most comfortable outfit along with the style. But be careful while picking a sweatshirt. I’d recommend subtle colours because; firstly winter colours and secondly you can repeat it n number of times and people wont pay attention so much like bright coloured sweatshirts get identified easily. :p

Just my way of picking clothes. Here I am wearing this blueish grey sweatshirt. 

2) Turtle neck top : 

Turtle neck tops are really the go-to winter outfit. You can go with a full sleeved  t-shirt too. But if you have a turtle neck top then don’t keep it under the “i-have-it-but-i-never-wear-it-yet-preserve” category ‘cause they are very comfortable and will keep you warm at the same time.

Here I wore this grey top and paired it up with a pair of jeggings to give it a casual look.

3) Boots :

There is nothing new to tell about how important boots are for winter. They not only keep us warm but give us the winter look right away. You could always pair any of your winter outfit with nice long boots. I used basic boots here to just show an example.

4) Leather jacket :

I cant imagine going out without a leather jacket when it is freezing cold out side. Like for example you are all set for a party but you are feeling too cold to go out that way? Then a leather jacket is always there for your rescue. It not only goes with every outfit but gives it a classy look as well. You can wear it daily too. 

5) Black sweater :

Black is love and it goes on with any outfit. To keep yourself warm just wear this sweater on any top with sleeves folded ( only if you want to ) and you are set to goo. I usually wear a shirt inside my sweater and put the collar and sleeves of the shirt outside giving the best casual day look and that is what I am showing here.

6) Beanie :

One of the coolest accessory of winter is a beanie. Its super cute and gives this very amazing  winter look  when you wear it. 

7) Skinny jeans : 

Now you guys might be thinking about how a skinny jeans matter for winter, but it does. Basically people tend to put a lot of layer of clothes when it’s warm, like for example in this picture I am wearing this top with a jacket and a scarf. So try wearing a skinny jeans if you have worn several layers of clothes on top so that you don’t look fat.

Just paired up a pair of skinny jeans, a nice top, a jacket and boots X)

With this we come to end of the third post. Hope you liked it. Would love to know what you think about the blog; like and leave a comment. And if you’ll want to us to do a post about something then you can suggest too.Feedbacks would help us give you our best. You can even mail us at  themixtape420@gmail.com . Thank you for the love and support❤