Hey guys , My friend( Aleena Padamadan) and I (Akanksha Komirelly) have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but delayed it cause of insecurity,  mainly also everyone procrastinates, so. But we are finally getting this started and we genuinely hope our blog  will at least be a little helpful to everyone. ❤

We are starting something which we love and we are grateful that you guys are making an effort to read it. While we were thinking about how to not make this blog monotonous we came up with the idea of  “TheMixTape” which will include fashion, travel and food blogs; the three things people actually live for. We promise to put in our 100% to give in quality articles which will be useful for you guys. 🙂

We both are 19 years old engineering students from Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. I am from Hyderabad and Aleena is from Doha.

Fashion :

In fashion I(Akanksha) will be showing you various trendy, elegant, classy, as well as boho looks. I’ll help you to dress according to the season and occasion. I will show you how to pair one item up with various different things, make up do’s and dont’s, personal advice etc.

The Fall is pretty;

I am really excited about the first post.
So while deciding on what to show you guys in fashion I thought what better than showing what you’ll really need RIGHT NOW, i.e; for the ‘fall’. The fall is different in different places over the world. The weather is kind of unpredictable, sometimes its cold and sometimes hot. In order to cover both the type of weathers I have picked up three outfits.

1 ) Printed Cape.

Capes are too much in fashion right now so I picked this printed cape to give it the look of the season.

Cape : Six, Munich. Top :  Forever21, Denim shorts: Reliance trends.

I paired it up with with blue denim shorts and a half white top. A TOP; not a tank top or a T-back or a tube. Its a normal cotton half sleeved top, I used it because the colour blends in with the cape so well. I just folded up my sleeves a bit so that they are not visible.

Accessorising is very important for any outfit. To complete my look I picked a light brown sling frill bag and a simple silver chain.
Chain :  H&M, Bag : Atmosphere, UK. Watch : Michael Kors.
People often make the mistake of picking the wrong footwear. Many think footwear does not matter much. But what they fail to understand is that footwear plays a key role in making our dress look attractive. Looking thin or fat might depend on the footwear at times too.
I find shoes the most comfortable. So i paired the cape with these beige shoes giving the whole outfit a elegant look. Surely can wear this when it is a warm day.
Shoes : Forever21.


2) Over sized sweater.

Oversized  is almost everytime my go-to ❤
I am  obsessed with them a little too much. To guide you on what to dress if its cold outside I picked this over sized sweater. ( It’s almost three times bigger than my size. :p)

Sweater : H&M.

I really like keeping it simple with oversized clothes so I do not accessorise much but if you want to you can add a small sling bag.

And finally to the footwear. As i mentioned earlier I have this unending love for shoes. So I paired this cute sweater with these super trendy adidas superstars in white . For bottom i paired it up with plain black jeggings. You can pair this sweater with shorts or boyfriend jeans or distressed jeans to give it a more chic look.

I wore subtle make up to make my look simple and not “out there”. Because not too much makeup is suited on every outfit.

3) The dress.

Dresses are all time favourite. To show you how you can give your dress a fall look I picked this plain black t-shirt dress along with a woollen checks scarf from my wardrobe. But if in case you choose a printed, checked or any other type of dress other than plain then make sure the scarf you pick will be plain because too much prints mess the look.

Dress : Forever21, Scarf : Sarojini, Delhi.

Now let me show you how to add things up to this outfit.

Denim jackets are never out of fashion and they are one of my essentials in the closet. I added a denim jacket to this dress. I rolled up  my sleeves to give in a cooler edge to the look.

The next step is to choose the accessories. I accessorised the out fit with a simple silver  ear rings and chain, a watch and a mustard colour bag pack/ sling bag.

To complete the look I paired the outfit with blocked heeled black boots ❤

Chain : H&M, Bag : Atmosphere, UK. Boots : Forever21, Denim jacket : FC road, Pune.

With this we come to end of the first post. Hope you liked it. Would love to know what you think about the blog; please leave a comment if so. Feedbacks would help us give you our best. You can even mail us at  themixtape420@gmail.com . Thank you for the love and support ❤

Picture credits :  Aleena :*